Gender equality and family support

CRC 680 and its carrying institutions are committed to provide equal working opportunities for all its members, and to make academic careers and family life more compatible. Contact the CRC's gender equality committee (Berenike Maier, Kristen Panfilio, and Michael Lässig) or the administrative coordinator (Christa Stitz) for information and assistance in all issues of gender equality and family support within the CRC.

The following gives you an overview of the available services and contacts related to career support for women and family support:

Equal Opportunity Commissioner of the University of Cologne

The equal opportunity office provides promotion and support of female scientists and offers a wide spectrum of gender-related events.
Contact: Dipl.-Soz.Päd. Annelene Gäckle M.A.

Female Career Center (FCC)

Seminars and workshops about career planning and support. Participation is free for researchers of the CRC. For financial issues or reimbursement contact Christa Stitz,

Cornelia Harte mentoring programmes (CHM)

Three different types of programmes offer networking with experienced successful female professionals.
Contact: Christa Stitz

Dual Career and Family Support (CFS) of the University of Cologne

Information and counsel about work-life balance and the professional integration of your spouse/partner.
New: Job sharing programme for employees in leadership positions.
Contact: Ira Künnecke

Kinderhaus Paramecium

The day care facility of the Univerity of Cologne accepts children from 6 months and up and is available from 8 to 6 on working days.
Contact: Silke Koppenhöfer

Information about local day care facilities, babysitter services, and child minder

Contact: Christa Stitz

Maternity leave support

During pregnancy and the first months of motherhood, we provide professional staff to continue your projects and your work in the lab.
Contact: Christa Stitz

Financial support for off-hour and emergency child care

Support is available to cover the cost of child care, for example, during conferences and off-hour academic meetings.
Contact: Christa Stitz

Support for student parents

We offer special support for CRC graduate students with children.
Contact: Christa Stitz