Chance and necessity in evolution are fundamental themes of biology. Adaptation is the deterministic part of this process: driven by natural selection, populations establish functional changes in response to changes in their environment and ecology. How can we understand these dynamics starting from their molecular basis, which lies in genes and their interactions? How do adaptation and functional innovation take place amidst stochastic changes of molecular evolution? How is micro-evolutionary adaptation linked to macro-evolutionary differences between species? These are the central questions addressed by CRC / SFB 680 at University of Cologne and its partner institutions.

The Collaborative Research Center has been funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). It started work in January 2006 and ended in December 2017 after its regular 12 year term. Evolutionary research in Cologne is continued within the new Collaborative Research Center 1310 Predictability in Evolution, which has been established in 2018.

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